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Born and raised in Massachusetts, Julia Tranfaglia started her career creating video content and strategic media for environmental nonprofits and tech companies. She studied film production and business at Emerson College, where she earned her B.A. in Visual Media Arts with a minor in Marketing. She then continued on to work in documentary, on such projects as Public Servants. She has since directed, produced, and written several narrative short films, as well as camera assisted on such larger productions as Top Chef and The Great Global Cleanup. Julia has shadowed DP Evans Brown on The Boys and camera operator Dan Gold on Grace and Frankie, gaining perspective on the production of major television shows. While at FilmNation Entertainment, she supported the Development Executives on several major films including Promising Young Woman and Reminiscence. She also worked as the Head of Production for Multihouse, leading many of their creative ventures. Currently, she independently directs for Hayden5, Thought Industries, and

other clients.


With her varied experience spanning writing, editing, lighting, camera, producing, and various other aspects of production, Julia has an eye for story and knows how to build it. With new technologies on the horizon, storytelling will expand to more than just film and television. Her focus is on creating ethical productions, exploring new mediums, and uplifting authentic voices to tell stories that resonate with an ever-changing audience.

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Julia is motivated by her passion to make a difference, believing that filmmaking as a means of storytelling has the power to encourage empathy and create change. She is committed to producing works from meaningful or untold perspectives.


In her free time, Julia enjoys traveling and visiting friends and family. Occasionally, she can be found playing her saxophone on Peter and the Ghosts songs, and more frequently, hiking or dancing.

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